Spooky Saturday

Saturday, October 7 | 10 a.m. - 4 p.m.

Get into the fall spirit!

Join us for a spooky Saturday at Genesee Country Village & Museum! 

See the Historic Village in all of its fall splendor, attend a frighteningly fascinating talk on the history of rural cemeteries in America, see and smell historic dishes cooking in our kitchens, view Victorian mourning jewelry in the John L. Wehle Gallery, and more. 

Attend a talk: An Orderly Eternal Rest The American Rural Cemetery Movement

12 p.m. & 2 p.m. in Brooks Grove Church

Join Curator Brandon W. Brooks (if you dare!) for a fascinating exploration of the rural cemetery movement in 19th century. Why do our cemeteries look like parks, with paved paths and manicured trees? What do the symbols on tombstones actually mean? Why are modern cemeteries so uniform? This talk examines the exciting world of the 19th-century Rural Cemetery Movement, in all its panoramic grandeur. This talk features a few extant 19th-century funerary items – grave markers, coffins, coffin plates, and even a real tombstone!

Attendees might just get a sneak peek at a new exhibit coming to the John L. Wehle Gallery in 2024…

Explore Victorian Mourning Jewelry in the Gallery

Come to the John L. Wehle Gallery to view a variety of 19th-century mourning jewelry pieces, on display all day! Rings, bracelets, necklaces, pendants, and lavaliers – these were the pieces created to commemorate and remember our dearly departed. This ornate lobby display will provide you with up-close views of these fascinating mementos, in addition to Victorian hair wreaths will supplement this fascinating display. 

Learn about mourning traditions in Foster House

Visit historic Foster House (built ca. 1836) to learn about how a family would have laid out a body and donned the home with mourning ephemera. 

Shop spooky favorites in the Flint Hill Store

Visit the Flint Hill Store to find frighteningly fun products for sale: spooky season rustic decor, plushies, kids toys, heirloom variety seeds, and more. (We particularly love these vulture plushies!) 

Perhaps even bring home with you your own broom, handcrafted right here in the Historic Village.

Experience seasonal historical cooking

Make your way through our historic kitchens to see, smell, and taste the flavors of the season. Apples – pumpkins – squash – fall goodies are plentiful in the Genesee Valley Region! 

Savor an old-timey treat

Visit the D.B. Munger & Co. Confectionery located in our Historic Village (open 11 a.m. – 4 p.m.) to purchase a historical treat! Find 1-2-3-4 cakes, hot hand pies, historical cookies and sweets, fresh-baked bread, and more. 

Enjoy fall colors in the Village

Wander the Historic Village and enjoy the exuberant fall colors as you smell fires burning in historic hearths, watch the last of the summer harvest in our fields, explore in and out of historic buildings, and learn about how the change of seasons affected life in 19th-century New York. Make sure to stop by the Settlement Farm to see our historical farmers constructing a scarecrow!

Ticket Information

Museum Members: FREE 

Adults: $18

Seniors (62+): $15 

Students (13 – 18): $15 

Youth (3 – 12): $12

Kids 3 and under: FREE 

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