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Commemorates the national conflict that raged more than 150 years ago and shaped the United States of today (Members FREE)! For your convenience admission gates will open at 9:30am each day of the event. 


Daily Battles

The Battle Cry of Freedom

Immerse yourself amid the intensity of musket volleys, cannon blasts and the pounding hooves of the cavalry as the Historic Village takes on the guise of a border town battleground. Nearly 1,000 reenactors in authentic Federal and Confederate garb campaign for freedom. Between twice daily battles experience artillery demonstrations showcasing the formidable firepower employed on the field and presentations of military troop maneuvers. Inspect both camps to speak with combatants and visit reproduced wartime living conditions.

Mr. President Lincoln

We salute our special guest, President Abraham Lincoln (portrayed by professional historian Fritz Klein), who will be on site throughout the event to inspect troops, greet visitors and pose for “likenesses.” In the afternoon, visit the Village Square to hear one of President Lincoln’s original addresses on the state of the nation during the Civil War.

Camp Followers

Encounter civilians throughout the Historic Village as they reenact daily life in a military occupied town. Learn how average families contended with wartime food and clothing shortages while attending school, maintaining crops and caring for soldiers. Visit the Ladies’ Aid Society as they distribute rations to troops and watch mobile medical units treat battle injuries. Daily concerts by the Irish Volunteers feature popular music of the Civil War Era, while the morning fashion show illustrates 1860s attire for men and women alike. Stroll among travelling sutleries for memorabilia and specialty shopping.