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Bring the kids for a day of family (and budget) friendly fun! All kids ages 17 and under are free admission between the dates of Tuesday, June 26 and Sunday, July 1. We are open from 10:00am to 4:00pm with lots of activities going on each day.

During that week, there will a special focus on youth activities throughout the Historic Village, from games—including some little-known today— to gatherings and activities a 19th-century youngster would have experienced.

Young visitors can also test a two-man saw and other long-ago chores like stoking fires, carrying wood and grating kitchen spices.

In addition, there’s the museum’s new lambs and the powerful oxen team to meet, as well as a 19th-century classroom to attend and a cooper to chat with as he crafts wooden buckets. Kids can learn to knit, punch a tin design, see how they would be been instructed to behave in the 1800s, be amazed at Professor Lowe’s “magic gas” and treated to the sounds of a glass harmonica.

There are nature trails to hike and a gallery with western art and historic clothing to explore and where, in a new photo booth, they can become part of a popular work of art.

On the weekend, there will be historic base ball played by 1868 rules at Silver Base Ball Park, the only recreated 19th-century base ball park in the country.


Kids free 17 & under, general admission prices apply to all other visitors. Purchase tickets at the door.