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Are foods really what they seem?

Are foods really what they seem?

Join Pamela Cooley in a workshop that takes a look at, and taste of, mock foods while incorporating recipes, ingredients, and techniques used in the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries. Cooks have been making mock food since the 1600s when chefs set ornate dishes before kings and queens that were painstakingly created to resemble something they weren’t. On this side of the Atlantic in colonial times, mock foods were created when cooks attempted to reconcile Old World recipes with New World ingredients. Later, mock foods would be concocted to taste or look like something else. In addition to Mock Oysters, Sham Pig, an early Mock Apple Pie, and other comestibles that aren’t what they seen, we’ll make some real dishes that actually are, using the wood cookstove and open hearth in the Jones Farmhouse. When all is prepared, we’ll sit down to enjoy our meal and see if we have fooled our eyes and palate. Ages 16 to adult.

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