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The online ticket is no longer available, so please purchase tickets at the door.

Even though it had been nearly thirty years since the end of the American Revolution, our newly formed nation was still struggling to identify itself and to decide upon its future. The period of 1811-1820, refered to as the Regency Era because King George III of England was deemed unfit to rule (and his son or Regent ruled in his place), was one of growth in the American States. This was especially true in Upstate New York, as new businesses popped up in towns all across the region. Shopkeepers, artisans, and craftsmen were busy making and selling supplies to the military and to their neighbors in villages - just like our 60+ historic structure museum at Genesee Country Village. 


The War of 1812 lasted for nearly 3 years, and during it America took on the world's strongest naval powers - the Royal Navy of the United Kingdom - in order to defend it's maritime rights. This singular weekend at the museum will focus on the daily life of New Yorkers living just miles from the epicenter of warfare at the U.S. border with Canada. Special highlights include military maneuvers of the day and live firing of 200 year old weaponry, as well as the fashions and fascinations - music (courtesy of Old Fort Niagara), dancing (courtesy of the Meryton Assembly Dancers), food, and drink - that gave us such profound stories like Jane Austen's Pride and Prejudice.  

10:00am-4:00pm each day. Tickets may be purchased at the door.

The Historic Village Is Transformed

Museum staff and dozens of re-enactors from Ohio, New York, Pennsylvania, Maryland, Michigan, Indiana, and Massachusetts will collaborate to bring the Regency era of American history to life June 23 & 24. Re-enactors will model historic fashions during a Jane Austen-era fashion show both days at 1pm in the exhibition barn, host a dance demonstration by the Meryton Assembly Dancers, speak to the era's interesting (and sometimes bazaar) medicinal practices at the museum's apothecary, and much more!

Traveling Costumed Shopkeepers On-Site

The following traveling merchants with period goods will be on-site during the weekend showcasing their specialty wares:

Amey's Adornments
Fashions Revisited
Regency Revisited
Logsdon & Co.
Pickaway Plains Trading Co.
Woods Unlimited by James Stewart

Also, the museum's gift shop will be open featuring a myriad of books and collectibles reminiscent of the time period.

Check back as we add more!

Military Demonstrations Daily

Throughout the weekend, the US military forces will offer weapons demonstrations and militia marches. Please refer to the following schedule:
10:30AM Flag Raising at Town Hall
11:00AM Target Shooting Practice in the South Field with Flint Lock Firearms and Cannons
11:00AM Concert by Old Fort Niagara Fife and Drum Team
Noon Militia Muster on the Great Meadow
12:30PM Kids: Learn to drill with the soldiers!
1:30PM Concert by Old Fort Niagara Fife and Drum Team
2:00PM Target Shooting Practice in the South Field with Flint Lock Firearms and Cannons
3:50PM Lowering of the Flag at the Town Hall