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See what's coming in the 2018 season!

Victoria’s Closet — Fashions of the 1840s

GCV&M presents its newest costume exhibit, Victoria’s Closet, Fashions of the 1840s, opening to the public on May 12, 2018.*

If you are a fan of the BBC’s drama, Victoria and its sumptuous costuming, then you’ll especially enjoy seeing the real fashions worn on this side of the pond! Discover how Queen Victoria influenced style in America. Explore the nostalgic look of the 1840, as well as innovations of the times from everyday wear to Sunday best. Check out the decade’s fashionable “must haves.” Browse through 32 study drawers filled with additional clothing artifacts for a close-up look at superbly crafted fans, shoes and other accessories.

Victoria’s Closet also celebrates photography, an invention that came of age as Victoria ascended the throne. Both the 20-something Victoria and Albert avidly collected photographic images and posed for the camera for their own family albums—and so can you. Slip into reproductions of 1840s fashions and then step back into time in our photo-op booth where volunteers will take your likeness on your smart phone or camera.

*Exhibit setup is under way with mannequins awaiting heads, hands and other accessories.

Working Like a Dog

Explore the special relationship between dogs and people in the new Working Like a Dog exhibit. For the last 15,000 years, we have valued dogs for their keen senses of smell, sight and hearing that are superior to our own. Along with a strong prey instinct and stamina, these characteristics made dogs ideal for hunting, retrieving, herding, racing and guarding – as well as being endearing and faithful friends. Discover how dogs have adapted to living with us! Using paintings, prints and sculpture along with curious objects from the past, Working Like a Dog sniffs out:

Working Like a Dog (herding, guarding, ratters, carriage dogs)
Good Sports (hunting dogs)
Power Pups (turnspit, cart dogs, treadmill dogs
Lifesavers (rescue, military, police, detection dogs)
Partners (assistance, guide, hearing, therapy dogs)
Best in Show (development of breeds, adaptations, kennel clubs)
Best Friends (companion dogs)

Experience three interactive galleries (3,500 square-feet) filled with outstanding art works by major artists from the 17th through the 20th century. Discover objects that reveal a dog’s life of long ago. Watch how canine movie stars, such as Lassie and Marley worked the camera. Learn how dogs work today as rescue, assistance, therapy and guide dogs.

On Saturday, June 30, environmental conservation officer Fay A. Fuerch, the state Department of Environmental Conservation’s first female dog handler, and her dog Handley will talk how she works with investigators to track down lost hunters, fugitives and illegally hunted game left behind by poachers. (Handley can detect shell casings as well as venison and bear carcasses, whether left in the open or stashed in a freezer.) She is now one of 10 department dog handlers in the state.