Wish List

Give a specific donation by funding an item we need

It takes a village!


Peruse the list below to explore essential items you can donate to help support our mission and care for the Historic Village! 

1. Insulated drink coolers: $30 each
We need 16 cambros to keep our almost 700 Summer Campers cool and hydrated during seven weeks of camp!


2. Set of melamine mugs: $45 for a set of 12
We need 3 sets (or 36 total mugs) for our Campers! We champion sustainability and use reusable/washable items in our Camp programs whenever possible.


3. Birdseed & suet: $50
For the Nature Center staff to keep our feathered friends fed!


4. Gallons of paint: $40 each
For our miles and miles of fencing! As we repair and replace fencing around the Village, it all needs to be painted.


5. Sponsor Students: $125 per program
For a virtual or in-person class field trip with the Museum.


6. Cut-resistant gloves: $150 for 12 pairs
For our woodcarving classes, so that students’ hands are safe.


7. Tents: $200 each
For Spring and Summer Camps and Special Events.


8. Collections storage supplies: $300
We use baker’s racks and archival boxes often to keep our ephemera and textile collections safely housed.


9. Tools for our Preservation Carpenters: $300
Our Carpenters are always in need of tool replacements or new tools for our many preservation projects. Right now they are looking for one 8″ Freud Dado cutting blade set and one Saw-stop Dado brake cartridge.


10. Tabletop Fryer: $750
With this, our Food Service staff could offer more menu items for small events or events held when our restaurants are closed.


11. Commercial Paint Sprayer: $800
This will help us with our many Village painting projects, ensuring quick and quality work.


Livestock Trailer: Our farmers are looking for a gently used livestock trailer, or for a dealer who may be able to give us a discount. We are specifically looking for a 16-foot steel livestock trailer with dual axles (blue or black in color if at all possible!).

Thank you to those who have donated Wish List items.

Our carpenter has been able to purchase new tools, Moveables have been sent to area schools, the Nature Center has new binoculars, several of our buildings have new floor mats, oil lamps have been purchased for programming, the Gallery has a new iPad and a printer, and our restaurants have a new meat smoker and milk shake machine!

To make a tax-deductible gift of a Wish List item, make a note with your donation, or contact Alison MacKenzie at (585) 294-8252. We appreciate your help!