Farmer guiding oxen

Frontier on the Farm (on-site)

Friday, October 13, 2023

Geared for grades 2 – 8, based on NYS curriculum and programming concepts. But all grades welcome! 

Explore life in Upstate New York at the beginning of the 1800s. Why were settlers making the decision to move westward? How did these new settlers modify the land? What did they build and grow? What did daily life look like for children who settled here during this time? Meet our animals, help with farm chores, learn about the agricultural products that were important to the economy of 19th century New York and how that compares to today. Visit our school house to practice your cursive and participate in an arithmetic competition. See the blacksmith and cooper hard at work and understand what important resources were needed to help meet the basic needs of these new settlers. Visit the Land Office to understand how land was obtained, managed, and sold. Learn about the problematic methods around obtaining land and how treaties were created. 

This self-guided field trip features both all-day and timed programming in select buildings throughout the Historic Village. Plan for two to four hours on site.
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