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Food, Forage, & Flame (on-site)

Friday, November 17, 2023. 9AM – 2PM.

Geared for grades 2 – 8, based on NYS curriculum and programming concepts. But all grades welcome! 
How was food grown, gathered, and cooked in the 19th century? Visit the many kitchens, gardens, and farms throughout the Historic Village to find out. This self-guided field trip features both all-day and timed programming in select buildings throughout the Historic Village. Plan for two to four hours on site.
Enjoy presentations from guest educators, like Tonia Galban, who will lead a hands-on corncake making demonstration. Walk through the village as they prepare for the colder months, help churn butter, add popcorn onto garland as we prepare for the holiday season, understand why food was smoked at our smokehouse, learn about the Shakers and how they both used and processed herbs, see our village Blacksmith hard at work, cozy up by a fire, enjoy storybook time, smell tasty items cooked in our historic kitchens, understand the importance of the transition to gas powered light. 
Questions? Contact our Education Team at education@gcv.org!  
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Hodinöhsö:ni’ Storytelling

Gather around Perry Ground, storyteller from the Turtle Clan of the Onondaga Nation, who will share stories pertaining to food traditions and seasonal change as we move towards winter. 

Winter-time food preservation

Explore how 19th-century families prepared for the cold months ahead! See and smell what’s cooking in historic kitchens, visit the Smoke House behind Hosmer’s Inn to explore meat preservation, and more. 

Fire-Making Demonstrations

Knowing how to build a fire was an important skill in the 19th century. Learn multiple methods for starting a fire, understand the evolution of fire making tools, and gain tips and tricks for starting your own fire. This demonstration will also cover the basics of fire safety. 

Plus, learn about the transition from candles to gas light in Hamilton House!

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