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Nature Adventures Through Time (on-site)

Wednesdays, October 4, 11, 18, 25, and November 1 & 8 

*NEW Program* Geared for grades 6 – 12.
Our experienced naturalists will guide your class on an interactive, inquiry-based walk through the Museum’s woodland and meadow habitats. Students will explore erosion, fossils, biodiversity, competition for natural resources, and much more!
Students will rotate through a series of lab stations, including a game, multiple experiments and a hike on our trails to take a closer look at how our environment changes over time. Each student will be given a lab booklet to document what they learn as they complete their activities. Experiments could include conducting tests to demonstrate the impact of different types of erosion on landscape, using an auger to make a soil core that shows different layers and types of soil over time and predicting / modeling which birds are most likely to thrive based on adaptations caused by competition for food.
This field trip will touch on NYS standards related to the following:
  •  Matter and Energy in Organisms and Ecosystems 
  •  Interdependent Relationships in Ecosystems
  •  Natural Selection and Adaptations 
  •  History of the Earth
  •  Earth’s Systems 
  •  Human Impacts
Our newly remodeled Nature Center is the perfect place for your scientific exploration to begin!   
Questions? Contact our Education Team at education@gcv.org!  
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