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Visit the Historic Village, Nature Center, or the John L. Wehle Gallery. There is nothing like a face-to-face, in-person, hands-on experience at GCV&M. On-site Field Trips are available on select dates in March, April, October, and December and regularly from May through September. 

Meet us online for a Virtual Educational Program. Choose from our themed programs or let us partner with you to create a special program to meet your student’s needs. Virtual Programs are available on select dates from January through April and in November.

Let us come to you with our Moveable Museum program. Invite a costumed interpreter, curator, or naturalist – along with their trunk full of activities and learning materials – into your classroom, community center, or library. Moveable Programs can be scheduled year-round based on availability.

GRANT FUNDING: Various generous donors allow GCV&M to offer grant funding to schools that meet certain qualifications. All RCSD schools, including public charters, are eligible for free student admission and transportation. Any rural/suburban school district where 50% or more students qualify for free/reduced lunch is also eligible for free student admission. Each teacher at qualifying schools can use these grants for two programs per academic year.

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Questions about our Education Programs? Contact our Education Team at or (585) 294-8254. 

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Flowers and blue skies

Language of Flowers

We bring the museum to you! Learn about one of the most enchanting customs of the 19th century — communicating through flowers instead of words.

Woman mixing food in a bowl

History in the Kitchen

We bring the museum to you! Discover how food, receipts (recipes), cooking techniques, and the kitchen itself changed in the 19th century from a one

Woman mixing a bowl of chocolate batter

History of Chocolate

We bring the museum to you! Chocolate has been a part of our culture for centuries. Far from today’s candy bars, in the 18th and

Child stirring with a wooden spoon

Small Folks

We bring the museum to you! Students discover what pioneer life was like for the settlers of Western New York. Using 19th-century objects and clothing,

Kids learning to tap maple trees

Sap, Syrup, and Sugar

We bring the museum to you! Students will explore the sweet history and science behind maple sugar and syrup production from early America to present-day

Kids looking at turtle shell

The Animal Kingdom

We bring the museum to you! A Museum naturalist  brings a group of small animal friends for your students to meet. This program focuses on

Assortment of agricultural tools

The Ox-Cart Man

We bring the museum to you! The story of a 19th-century family comes alive as our Museum educator brings a cart full of objects for

Kids playing historic games

19th-Century Games

We bring the museum to you! Guided by a costumed museum educator, students play with jackstraws, cup-and-ball, the whimmy-diddle, buzz saw, and much more. Those

One Room Schoolhouse

The Little Red Schoolhouse

We bring the museum to you! We turn your classroom into a 19th-century one-room schoolhouse. Our costumed museum educator reminds students of the rules of

Historic toys and tools

Objects from History

We bring the museum to you! Our museum educator brings unusual and everyday objects from the 19th century to your classroom. Students have the opportunity