Current Exhibits
On display now in the John L. Wehle Gallery

"Duck, Duck Shoot! The Story of American Waterbirds"


Visitors to the latest exhibit in Genesee Country Village & Museum’s John L. Wehle Gallery will explore the hunting of waterbirds, moving from sustenance hunting to excessive hunting, from near destruction of waterbirds to an environmentally conscious and sustainable American pastime. Wildlife artists, public awareness of waterbirds, advancements in hunting technology, legislative efforts, and a taste (literal) for waterfowl underpin this evolution across the centuries. 

Oil, acrylic, and watercolor, colored lithograph and sculpture, stuffed waterfowl, waterfowling pieces (firearms) and hunting technologies, duck and waterbird decoys, waterfowl and duck culinary tools, duck and waterbird stamps, and hunting attire for both men and women will be featured in this multi-faceted exhibition.

"Consuming Desires: The Great American Wedding"


This exhibit examines the American wedding from parlor to industry giant. How did we move from intimate family gatherings to large, opulent public spectacles? Marriage is explored as a pathway to legal personhood for Americans of color. The property rights of married women begs the modern audience to ask exactly who owns all this finery once the walk down the aisle is completed.

Consuming Desires: The Great American Wedding will be replaced with an entirely new exhibit in 2023. Stay tuned for more information in the coming months, and be sure to visit this exhibit before it closes on Monday, October 10! 

"Tools, Treatments, and Tricks: Medicine in the 19th Century"


This exhibit in the lobby of the John L. Wehle Gallery explores medical practices, oddities, and remedies of the 19th century. Peruse the fascinating items in the display to learn more about local connections to 19th-century medical advancements, tonics and medicinal solutions, and fascinating tools of the trade. 

Gallery Talks & Tours

Visitors to the John L. Wehle Gallery can enjoy curator-led talks and tours throughout the season.