Hungry? We've got it covered!

The GCV&M has a variety of food and beverage locations on the premises.

The Depot Restaurant & Freight House Pub, which are part of our 1849 railroad complex, are located right along the Great Meadow. The Pavilion Garden Restaurant is located in the Historic Village, across from the Hyde House.

The Depot Restaurant is open from 11 am to 4 pm Tuesdays-Sundays. Enjoy a casual meal with a variety of sandwiches, fresh salads, cookies & beverages - including a refreshing glass of one of the museum’s ice-cold ales!  

Next door at the Freight House Pub you can stop in and purchase the museum’s very own Fat Ox Ale or Intrepid Ale!  Wine and hard cider are also available. The Freight House is open event weekends only: 11 am to 4 pm Saturdays & 12 pm to 4 pm Sundays.

The Pavilion Garden Restaurant is open during the summer months from 11 am to 3 pm Tuesdays-Fridays & 11 am to 4 pm Saturdays-Sundays. Take a peaceful rest while strolling through the village to enjoy hand-scooped ice cream, ice cold beverages and light fare.

D.B. Munger & Co. Confectionery

D.B. Munger & Co. Confectionery

No place emits that warm, nostalgic feeling better than an old-fashioned confectionery with its colorful jars, bottles and trays of sweet delicacies.

Such a location is now found in the historic village at D.B. Munger & Co.

Part exhibit, part true confectionery with fancy treats for purchase, the historic village opened its confectionery in June 2014.

D.B. Munger & Co. is now doing business in the old Physician's Office next to the Altay Store.

Visit on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays  to purchase freshly baked authentic or historically inspired delights such as Chelsea buns, fruit tarts, elderberry or other seasonal fruit hand pies or the ever-popular rosewater currant cakes, sugar tea cakes and maple cakes (cookies).

A number of the bottles on exhibit are replicas of those found in several mid-1800s shipwrecks more than a century after the vessels went down. In some cases, the food was still edible.