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Homeschool Programs

Homeschoolers can explore the museum in a variety of ways--with their family, in larger homeschool groups or by attending a special program offered just to homeschool families. The museum offers our school admission rate to homeschool groups of 20 or more when you book in advance. We can also do any of the enrichments or focused field study programs for your homeschool group. Homeschool families can visit the Nature Center for Sunday Nature Experiences to enjoy guided nature hikes and activities that are fun for the whole family.


Genesee Country Village & Museum also offers special programs just for homeschool families at different times throughout the year - details below.

Let's Eat! Homeschool Program

Ages 8+
Wednesday, April 25, 2018

$11 per student. $11 per adult (museum member adults free).

Get immersed in the past at Genesee Country Village & Museum during a hands-on visit to explore life and food in the 19th century. Students work with a museum staff member to cook in one of the village’s historic kitchens. They visit our Pioneer Farm to discover what it was like to be a self-sufficient farmer in the early 1800s. Students watch a demonstration by the potter and learn about his role in providing equipment for food preservation. They help with chores at the Brewery and stop at the Altay General Store to learn how the Erie Canal expanded food availability in New York State. They also get to taste the rich dark chocolate of the past and examine its history during a tasty presentation of our Historic Chocolate program.

Pre-registration is required. Click here to register!

Civil War Day

Grades K-12
Friday, May 18, 2018


$7 per student. $11 per adult (museum member adults free).
Buy tickets online (click here) or at the door.

At locations throughout the village, students will experience life during the Civil War.

Activities for students include:
• Enlisting in the army at a recruitment station
• Training in basic military formation and drilling
• Seeing fire arms demonstrations
• Cannon firing demonstrations by Cushing’s Battery
• Examining uniforms and equipment of the Civil War
• Experiencing life on the home front for those left behind
• Enjoying music of the Civil War
• Exploring what camp life was like
• Learning about the use of gas balloons during the Civil War and the science behind their flight

NY State Standards: A 4; HPEFCS 1, 2, 3; MST 1, 6; SS 1
ELA Common Core SL 1, 2, 3, 6

Home for the Holidays

2018 Date TBD

This one-of-a-kind interdisciplinary program traces the evolution of winter holiday celebrations in America through the 19th century, with special emphases on the contributions of various cultural groups. Historic buildings decorated to period are staffed by museum educators who help students understand the cumulative and changing nature of holiday observances. Students are invited to join in holiday activities during their visit.

Activities may include:
• Meeting an 1840's Santa and reading 'Twas the Night Before Christmas
• Learning about the history of the Christmas tree
• Singing 19th-century Christmas carols
• Discovering what gift giving was like in the 1800s
• Kicking up your heels with some 19th-century dancing
• Making a holiday craft to take home
• Exploring other winter holiday traditions

NY State Standards: SS 1, 2
ELA Common Core SL 1, 2, 3, 6

Reservations are required. Space is limited.