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Self-Guided School Tours

Students take an exciting journey back in time. No museum guide is provided; instead students explore at their own pace in small chaperoned groups. The nearly 70 historic buildings provide the setting for history to come alive as students investigate the homes, outbuildings, trades, businesses and public buildings of America's past. Several locations throughout the village provide hands-on activities for students to do during their visit.

Before arriving, consider developing a plan for your field trip based on your own curriculum needs. Not sure what your students should visit? Consider using one of these Self-Guided Tour Options. Consult our Virtual Tour to get ideas and background information. Encourage your students to visit specific buildings that coordinate with the ideas or themes you want them to focus on during their time in the village. 

NY State Standards: A 4; HPEFCS 1, 2, 3; MST 1, 6; SS 1 and ELA Common Core SL 1, 2, 3, & 6.  

Self-guided tours are offered mid-May through mid-October when the museum is fully open for the season.

Civil War Day

Grades K-12
Friday, May 18, 2018

At locations throughout the village, students will experience life during the Civil War.

Activities for students include:
• Enlisting in the army at a recruitment station
• Training in basic military formation and drilling
• Seeing fire arms demonstrations
• Cannon firing demonstrations by Cushing’s Battery
• Examining uniforms and equipment of the Civil War
• Experiencing life on the home front for those left behind
• Enjoying music of the Civil War
• Exploring what camp life was like
• Learning about the use of gas balloons during the Civil War and the science behind their flight

NY State Standards: A 4; HPEFCS 1, 2, 3; MST 1, 6; SS 1
ELA Common Core SL 1, 2, 3, 6

Seminary Session

Free program, limited space, reservation required

The museum offers immersive, interactive educational experiences at the Romulus Female Seminary building free of charge to students visiting the museum on self-guided tour programs. Using special activities taken from 19th-century school curriculum books, the museum has designed a program to provide students with hands-on study. Lessons change daily and are offered on a limited base.

Enrichment Activities

Enhance your self-guided tour by scheduling structured hands-on half-hour Enrichment Activities lead by museum educators.

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Maple Madness

Grades 3-12
Offered select dates in March

The museum offers an expanded self-guided version of its popular Sap, Syrup and Sugar program for older students. The program traces the history and science of maple sugaring and syrup making from early American to present-day commercial production perspectives. Students hike through our sugar bush and along the way learn why maple trees make sap, witness a 19th-century sugaring demonstration, learn about modern syrup making and taste the final product. Students also get to explore maple season activities taking place in our Historic Village.

NYS Standards: MST 1, 2, 6; SS 1
ELA Common Core SL 1, 2, 3, 6