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The Costume Shop

Dressing the Historic Village


The Costume Shop, located just off the Village Square at Genesee Country Village & Museum, is responsible for costuming our team of historical interpreters who bring our 19th-century village to life! 


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Bringing the 1800s to life


From farmers, to cooks, to blacksmiths, to coopers, historical interpreters at Genesee Country Village wear costuming accurate to the 19th century and the various trades they demonstrate for our visitors. 

Reference materials

The Costume Shop creates unique attire for our historical interpreters referencing 19th century patterns, photos, illustrations, and descriptions, as well as taking inspiration from extant pieces from the Bruce & Susan Greene Costume Collection housed in the John L. Wehle Gallery. 

Sewing, stitching, and more


Our team in the Costume Shop brings to the Historic Village incredible talent and skill – sewing, stitching, mocking-up, and creating pieces worn daily by historical interpreters. From undergarments like corsets to Victorian-era gowns, the Costume Shop produces a wide variety of pieces, both for regular daily happenings around the Village and exciting special events. 

Contact our Costume Shop

Reach out to our Costume Shop: 
(585) 538-6822 ext. 238

The Bruce & Susan Greene Costume Collection

Learn more about the incredible educational resource that is the Bruce & Susan Greene Costume Collection, housed in the John L. Wehle Gallery.