Wish List

Donate to fund supplies we need!

Our list is full of items that support our programs and mission every day.

To make a tax-deductible Wish List gift, write the item in the “honoree” field of your online donation or in the memo line of your personal check.

Contact Director of Development Alison MacKenzie at (585) 294-8252 or via email with any questions. We are so grateful for your help!

1. Firewood: $90 per cord
Our Historic Village has a lot of hearths to stock! Cooking in kitchens, staying warm, and for outdoor fires at events like Spirits and Owl Moon.

2. Sensory Bags: $50 each
Five needed for visitors on tours or at events with sensory needs, who experience our spaces differently.

3. Bird seed & suet: $50
For our Nature Center staff to keep our feathered friends fed – it’s always on our list!

4. Gallons of paint: $40 each
For our miles and miles of fencing! As you see us repair and replace fencing around the Village, it all needs paint.

5. Moveable Museum Cart: $50 
A new dolly for our educators to carry supply totes offsite when providing programs.

6. Soup Warmer: $80 each
Two of these will keep our soups (and pancake breakfast toppings!) warm at events all year long.

7. Industrial Costuming Racks: $130 each
For our Costume Shop to organize and store hundreds of costumes for our historical interpreters!

8. Linen Photographic Background: $150
For our Curatorial team to photograph our collections items on a seamless (gray, 20′ x 10′) background.

9. Fencing: $175 for 100 feet
For a new pasture in our rotational grazing plan and better sustainability on our farm.

10. Photographic Stand: $250

For our Curatorial team as they photograph our entire Museum collections.

11. Camp Scholarship: $300
For a youngster to have access to a week of fun and learning (with bus transportation and lunch)! Spring or Summer.

12. Beverage Dispensers: $300 each
Two for our events, camps, and more when we offer hot and cold drinks to our visitors! 3 gallons each, insulated.

13. Manure Spreader: $330
Our farmers would much prefer this to the 19th century shoveling method!

14. Oats & Hay: $350
Feeds our animals for two weeks. Nothing makes the sheep happier than oats!

15. Dump Cart: $400 
For our ‘new-to-us’ farm tractor (see item #17).

16. Tabletop Fryer: $750
For our Food Service staff to be able to offer more menu items when our main restaurant is closed.

17. Tractor: $900
For a 1960s-1980s garden tractor with 3-point hitch to be our new farm utility vehicle.

18. Lift Table: $900
For our Curatorial team to move artifacts and change out textile study drawers in the John L. Wehle Gallery.

Thank you to those who have donated Wish List items!

Over the past few years, you have helped the Gallery receive new shelving and archival storage materials, our carpenter purchase new tools, the Nature Center get new binoculars, our Facilities team find new floor mats and oil lamps for our historic buildings, and our restaurants receive a new meat smoker and milk shake machine! We cannot thank you enough.