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Celebrate America's Birthday!

Celebrate America's Birthday!

The patriotic and spirited festivities that turned July 4th into America’s greatest national holiday still flourish in this year’s grand celebration of Independence Day (Members FREE)! Join the hoopla of traditional American pageantry, marching bands and merrymaking that comprise the day’s festivities, highlighted by the swearing in of new American citizens on the steps of the Town Hall. You won't want to miss this memorable moment as nearly 50 people from countries all over the world swear their allegiance to the flag. The ceremony begins at 11:00am, immediately by the a common nineteenth-century alternative to fireworks - the firing of a 100-pound anvil several hundred feet into the air!


From the Village Square the Geneseo Cornet Band will fill the village with rousing tunes in celebration of the nation! Be part of the revelry of the 1876 Grand Parade (museum staff will be looking for young volunteers from the audience to join the parade) as it circles the Village Square in true historic fashion. Honor and remember the principles we celebrate on the anniversary of our nation with the reading of the Declaration of Independence.

National Pastimes

Throughout the day, enjoy time-honored family activities like the egg toss, sack races, and pea-shooting contest. Visit the farm animals, including Buck and Dan the oxen and our newest oxen team, Star and Bright! Join the ladies' base ball teams for a Town Ball match in the afternoon on the Great Meadow.

As American as Apple Pie

Don't forget to sign up for the pie-eating contest — an annual tradition at the museum — or cheer on the contestants as they eat their way through warm cherry pie!