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Filming at GCV&M

A unique setting for your production

Genesee Country Village & Museum’s 19th-century Historic Village, with buildings moved from around Western NY and preserved according to their style and era, presents a unique filming location for productions big and small. 

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Our 19th-century village

The Historic Village at Genesee Country Village & Museum encompasses 68 historic structures moved here from around the region and restored to their appropriate eras. Knowledgeable, costumed historical interpreters keep the hearth fires burning, the heirloom gardens flourishing, and the livestock tended. Visitors to the Historic Village can watch live demonstrations at the pottery, cooper shop, tinsmith, and blacksmith, smell the aroma of fresh-baked hand pies and bread, step inside a historic tavern, feel the warmth of a hearth fire, and so much more. 

Set dressing

To supplement the unique setting of our Historic Village, a number of wares handcrafted here at Genesee Country Village & Museum are available for purchase to supplement the set of a film or production. 

These include salt-glazed stoneware, redware, Albany slip, and Bristol pottery handcrafted in our Potter’s Shop and fired in our wood-fired kiln, iron works forged in the Blacksmith’s Shop, 19th-century baked goods from our Historic Confectionery, and more. 

Contact us

Interested in scoping Genesee Country Village & Museum’s Historic Village as the backdrop for your production? 

Reach out to us today by filming out the form above! This will be automatically directed to a select few staff members who will review production requests and get back to you in a timely fashion. Thank you!