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A man in historic costume showing a group of kids what he is working on.

Self-Guided Tours (on-site)

Wednesdays, Thursdays, & Fridays May – October

Grades PreK – 12.

Self-guide through our 68 historic buildings staffed with costumed interpreters excited to speak with you about life in 19th-century NY! Visit our historic kitchens, pioneer farm and animals, and tradespeople hard at work: like our blacksmith, tinsmith, cooper, and printer!

Customize your experience with one of the following 30-minute “enrichments,” led by a museum educator for an additional cost:

  • Tin Tapping – Learn about an important 19th century trade and make a tin ornament to take home.

  • Little Red School House – Experience a one room school house and practice writing in cursive with a quill pen.

  • History Stinks – Learn about many smelly aspects of 19th century life and make a lavender sachet to take home. 

  • History’s Mysteries – Use objects to compare life in the 19th century to today. Play a game to determine the identity of common 19th century objects. 

  • 19th Century Games – Explore what children played with in the past. Try your hand at whimmy diddles, pommawongas, jackstraws, graces and more!

Plan for 2-4 hours at the museum.  For a list of available days, or to book this program, click the button below!

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